Alerts and Messaging available (plus, Relay v3.6.5!)

Since our last update, we have expanded the RaceHero team and made many improvements. We are thrilled to release a new tool to help you run awesome events and keep your participants engaged: In-App Alerts and the best RaceHero Relay to date!

In App Alerts

A common challenge for event organizers is getting event day messages out to spectators and participants. RaceHero already provides real-time live timing and instantaneous provisional race results. Now you can communicate through RaceHero using our new Alerts feature.

As an organizer, you can send alerts to everyone following the event in the RaceHero apps or at Even better, as an event promoter, you can send from any Internet connected device using your control panel. No need to be sitting at a Race Control computer to publish an alert.

RaceHero alerts and push notification editor

Have a message that is destined for one or more race groups? We have you covered with the ability to choose who your message is directed towards.

RaceHero mobile app alerts

You can start sending messages today from your RaceHero console. Alerts are visible in the Alerts tab of the RaceHero mobile app and website as soon as you hit “Send”.

We are preparing an update that turns Alerts into native Push Notifications. Your participants will be able to subscribe to push notifications on their mobile devices when an Alert is published including if they do not have the RaceHero app running. Subscriptions will also work in all modern web browsers.

Relay 3.6.5 Released

The latest RaceHero Relay for MyLaps Orbits boasts numerous updates for real-world challenges our organizers face using unreliable track internet or wifi hotspots. We’ve worked closely with many organizations to resolve small bugs or issues that impede our goal of completely hands-off operation of the Relay.

Additionally, we have further improved the speed of the relay while minimizing its resource usage, keeping with our motto that “speed never goes out of style”.

After more than 50,000 race results from early testers of 3.6.5, we will be forcing promoters to update beginning in early November. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version now:

Download the latest RaceHero Relay for MyLaps Orbits

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