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Picture of a race car crossing the finish lineOne feature that sets RaceHero apart from the alternatives is our ability to capture and post official race results.  Typically electronic results are marked as unofficial because the timing and scoring staff have not certified them as complete and accurate.

During a race, the RaceHero Relay is no different: we grab and display what the T&S computers see for live timing and provisional results.  Those rankings are subject to change due to many issues such as a missed transponder, a trip through the pits without a separate pit lane loop or post-race penalties and adjustments.

As soon as the checkered flag is thrown and the last racer crosses the finish line, the timing and scoring team begins a detailed process of making adjustments and verifying accuracy.  As quickly as possible, they publish provisional results.  For most sanctioning bodies, there is some fixed period of time for competitors to file protests or for post-race technical inspections where scrutineers may check the legality of parts, weigh competitors or perform other checks.  Once the racers clear tech and the stewards settle any protests or penalties, results become official.

It is at this moment that RaceHero becomes a true race hero.  When the T&S team clicks “print” for official results, they also click “publish” in the RaceHero relay to post the official results online, complete with flags, announcements and scorekeeper certification.  It is a, pardon the pun, carbon copy of the printed version except it is immediately available online for everyone to see and we can notify in real-time any interested party that the race results are final.  No more wandering the paddock.

Photo of fast motorcycle speeding byWe’ve been hacking through a huge number of event files provided to us by friends from sports car racing and karting organizations.  Today we reached a new parsing record: eight years of events for a karting club comprising 70 race weekends and 3,034 timed sessions in two seconds!  Now that’s fast.

If you’re interested in distributing official race results on RaceHero to all of your attendees with a single click, subscribe to our launch mailing list or drop us a line.

Photo credits: Flickr, hugojcardoso

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