Let’s stop wandering the paddock

Race weekends still operate like it’s 1999 and we’ve had enough.  Enough of standing in lines, of dealing with paper, of waiting for results to be posted on a wall somewhere.  Let’s change the way this works.

Let’s stop wandering the paddock looking for entry lists, schedules, grid sheets and results.  Let’s start using technology to help us track, analyze and share our racing on any device.

Let’s stop juggling stopwatches to track our competition’s lap times.  Let’s start using the timing and scoring system that already has accurate data to the millisecond and can show us every lap ever turned.

Let’s stop celebrating only the podium finishers.  Let’s start recognizing the great battles, personal bests and hard charges that happen throughout the field and make it easy to share with our friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s stop trying to remember our fastest lap time or the track record for our class.  Let’s start getting that information automatically when we arrive at the track encouraging us to improve.

Let’s stop guessing where we stand in the championship or waiting months for points to get posted to a website.  Let’s start receiving results instantly with points calculated on the fly.

RaceHero brings everything about your racing to your pocket in a fun, social way. Use it to learn and improve or simply to bench race with your buddies.  However you use it, your days of wandering the paddock are over.  Hello 2014!


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