Updates from the NASA Western Championships

NASA Western Championships at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on RaceHero

I was on site yesterday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca supporting the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Western Championships. Walking through Timing and Scoring, NASA Officials had at least one device in front of them and in many cases had secondary tablets or laptops dedicated to displaying RaceHero while they performed official duties on their primary computer. I personally saw dozens of shares on Facebook, all which included a large NASA logo, helping to promote their organization and event.

Since everything was running smoothly, I pulled out my laptop and put the finishing touches on some new features and bug fixes for live timing. These improvements are now live:

  • Gaps in collapsed view – on phones, the Gap to the racer ahead now displays in the collapsed view. On tablets and larger devices, you’ll also see Gap to P1. This provides more context without having to tap a racer and see all of their details.
  • Better handling for the Finish (Checkered) Flag and Stop Flag in Orbits – the clock now stops properly once the Stop Flag has been clicked in the timing program.
  • Results notification stays longer – whenever results are posted, we display a notification at the bottom of live timing that lets you view them if interested. This message disappeared way too fast so now it hangs around for a minute. If it’s in the way, you can dismiss it by tapping the X. The entire notification is now clickable making it much easier to tap with your thumb.
  • In certain Orbits configurations, the Overall/By Class toggle might go missing when starting a new run. They now stay visible unless you’re watching a single-class session in which case we hide them.
  • Lap time and position charts no longer look like they ate an extra helping of fried chicken early in a run. They now stay nice and skinny whether you have a 3-lap qualifying run or a 500-lap endurance race.
  • When embedding our live timing widget in a website, we fixed some browsers from displaying a duplicate scrollbar to clean up the look

That’s all for now! If you are a race organizer or promoter or timing and scoring person, you can download our Relay and start offering RaceHero to your racers free of charge.

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