What does it mean to win?

Ever since the second vehicle with a motor rolled out of the factory, winning has been primarily defined as:

“To achieve victory or finish first in a competition.”

As racers, this is certainly the one that we are most familiar with: the top step of the podium, the biggest trophy, photos with the girls and maybe even some cash.  But there is another definition:

“To achieve success in an effort or venture”

For everyone else on the grid, this is the one that keeps us coming back.  Success is what makes a heroin addiction seem like a vague longing for something salty1.  Can we set a new personal best?  Can we beat our buddy (or our nemesis)?  Are we more consistent than last time?  And of course, is our average finishing position getting better or are we exclusively turning those Benjamins into noise?

Lap and position chart for 25 Hour endurance sports car race

There are some answers in the numbers.  We’re living in an era of “big data” where we learn (sometimes surprising things) by sifting through massive amounts of information, looking for patterns, and turning it into intelligence.  RaceHero can tell you a lot about your performance, your competitors’ performance and how both change over time.  We can highlight your successes with achievement badges and offer suggestions on where you can improve so each time you take the green, you’ll be winning, however you choose to define it.

Achievement badges screenshot

All of this information is generated automatically when timing and scoring personnel runs our AMB / MyLaps Orbits plugin, which automatically turns numbers into fun and informative intelligence that you can learn from, share on Facebook or simply use to talk smack with your buddies.

If you’re looking for more from your live timing and race results, point your timekeeper our direction.  Look for an official launch in March for the 2014 race season.

[1] – “Racing makes a heroin addiction seem like a vague longing for something salty” is attributed to Cycle World columnist Peter Egan


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