MYLAPS Live Timing Relay for X2

MYLAPS Live Timing all starts with the Decoder

Over the past year, MYLAPS has been driving adoption of their next-generation timing and scoring system, the X2 platform. It offers new insights into race activity, track status and system performance. Many of these improvements are only applicable (or affordable…) to professional-level race series but between older TranX2 hardware aging out and aggressive upgrade pricing, we’re seeing a few club-level series move to X2.

We’ve been testing a new version of our RaceHero Relay with X2 compatibility with race series in the United States. We are happy to announce version 3.1.0 is now publicly available. Upgrading is not mandatory at this time for existing users.

Everything about the RaceHero Relay stays the same, especially the automated publishing that doesn’t require babysitting. The only addition is to connect and stream live timing, race results, entry lists and schedules from Orbits 5.1+ timing software. RaceHero is now the most complete MYLAPS live timing solution available.

From conversations with our customers, those who have purchased TranX2 decoders in the past 5 years are not planning to upgrade until they have a hardware failure. We have even seen a few of the pre-TranX2 decoders still faithfully reporting passings so we know they can last for a long time! The older decoders are compatible with the new subscription-based X2 transponders so there is no urgent requirement to upgrade if your existing system is working well.

1 Million Laps On RaceHero!


So far, the RaceHero Relay has logged more than 1,000,000 laps of practice, qualifying and racing! Timing and scoring staff in North America, South America, Europe and Africa are offering their racers a more complete, more engaging way to follow racing on their phones, tablets and computers. Our live timing widget can be embedded in any website and viewed on any device, including iOS devices which do not support plugins like Flash.

There is no charge to broadcast events on RaceHero so offer it to your racers, officials and spectators!

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