Publish Race Results Before You Leave the Track

Has this happened to you or your timing team?

You finish another great weekend at the track as the Chief of Timing and Scoring. You load up your laptops, decoders and gear at 5pm and make the drive home safely.  You dump everything in the garage and go to bed exhausted but smiling. Monday is a blur of getting caught up and Tuesday is meetings all day long.  The “couple of minutes” you need to open up the timing laptop, generate the result PDFs and upload them to the website are scarce. Friends come over for dinner Wednesday and it’s Thursday night before you finally get a chance to unpack and publish the official race results.

The frustrating feel when No Race Results Found!

Unless you make your living in timing and scoring, you’ve got other obligations and interests Monday through Friday. Booting up the computer to spit out a bunch of PDFs and update a website is not high on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, let alone your To-Do list.  So let us cross it off for you… permanently.

Introducing the RaceHero Results Plugin for Websites

Our Results Plugin automatically updates race results on your website without any action on your part!  Provisional results are automatically posted as each session ends.  Official results can be uploaded anytime: as they are certified, at the end of each day or the end of the race meeting depending on your schedule and officiating.  Adding it to your website requires a one-time cut and paste of a few of lines of HTML.

As soon as results become final, one click replaces provisional results with official results including penalties, adjustments and comments made in the timing software.  For most race organizations, your official results will be on your website before you leave the track.

Image of race results on SCCA club racing website generated by RaceHero plugin Our Plugin is a win-win – it eliminates the tedious job of generating and uploading PDF results to your website while also getting results into the hands of your racers, officials and spectators as soon as the checkered flag is thrown.  By giving something fun and timely to your racers and fans, you will see more sharing on forums and social media which is free marketing for your race series.

How much happier will your racers be without having to wonder when the results will be posted?!?  How much happier will your T&S team be without having to come home from a long day at the race track to face more tedious computer work?  Those were rhetorical questions, we already know the answers. 🙂

Current RaceHero users, you can get the HTML snippet here. If you’re not using RaceHero yet, see what else you’re missing out on.

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